Laptops can be checked out from the circulation desk to Markham or Posen residents 18 years or older with a valid Markham Public Library Card and a valid Driver's License or State ID.


Your Library Card must be free of fines and bills.

Laptops can be checked out for a maximum of two (2) hours.

Laptops cannot be renewed and an overdue fee of $2.00 per 10 minutes if not returned will be charged.

Laptops are NOT permitted for use outside of the library building. 

Laptops are fully charged, however, a charger is attached and is strongly RECOMMENDED to be used.
Power outlets are available in our WiFi Cafe area and other areas throughout the library. 

Laptops are the sole responsibility of the person that checked out the laptop, this includes inappropri­ate use and is not limited to damages/breakage in any way, ex. dropping , unauthorized  tampering,  etc.
The cost of the laptop and/or damages
will be charged to the patron.

Laptops can connect to the internet via our wireless network 

Files saved on laptops will automatically be erased when the computer shuts down.
To save documents, use an external storage device like a USB flash drive.

To print from the laptops, use the wireless printing option on the Markham Public Library website: www.markhamlibrarv.org.

If you experience problems with the laptop please notify staff immediately.